Corporate theatre

For thirty years now corporate theatre has made its own place within companies: awareness-raising, training course, seminars, workshops... but it is likely that you have never heard about it before ! It's never too late to discover the uses, subjects and assets of corporate theatre... as well as the value-added services of Co.théâtre !

What is corporate theatre ?

Corporate theatre is the use of theatre within any type of organisations in response to a wide variety of needs and situations. It is written in a specific way and only deals with work subjects, questions and themes. This theatre can have multiple forms - custom-made or catalogue. 


Awareness-raising plays

Disability, gender equality, addiction, burn-out, safety, stress...

Supplementary training

Learn as you play and experiment new behavioral habits.

Thought-provoking drama workshops

Playful and creative ways to think about specific topics.
Animation de séminaire

Internal communication events

Turn your corporate communication into a playful and unforgettable team moment.

Virtues of a corporate theatre approach


Communicate in a fun way

Catch your audience's attention with the playful approach of theatre.

Touch the participants

Theatre uses people's emotional, situational and intellectual intelligence. 


Raise awareness efficiently

The mirror effect of theatre through familiar situations or characters offers insights into - and questions - our own daily work habits.
Susciter les échanges

Spark discussions

Facilitate discussions emerging from the show and putting touchy subjects into words.
Marquer les esprits

Create a lasting impression

Unite around an extra-ordinary moment and spark change.
Faire évoluer

Change habits and behaviors

Question current habits and behaviors and experiment new ones in realistic situations.

What we do differently 

Au-delà du sketch comique

Go beyond the comical skit

Offer an authentic and realistic acting performance, tell stories and bring nuances in our texts in order to match as far as possible the organisation's ans the participants' real environment.
Rendre les participants acteurs de l'apprentissage

Empower participants in their learning experience

Developing a bottom-up pedagogy to empower participants and give them the means to master their learning experience.
Explorer des thématiques innovantes

Explore new topics

In addition to more conventional topics, clear the way for tomorrow's issues and help organisations evolve: engagement, enthusiastic management, room for error, digital transformation...

Co-design a performance tailored to your needs

Custom-made show, catalogue, workshops, interactions... We work together, hand-in-hand to build the performance that will best address your needs and fit with your constraints. 


For whom ?

We intervene in multiple environments: from SMEs to multinationals, from employees to executive levels, from 10 to 500 participants.

Where ?

In France or abroad, we can move to the place where you work or where your seminar takes place.

What language ?

We regularly perform in French and English. For specific events, we can mobilise actors and actresses to perform in Spanish, Italian, German...

How much ?

Intervention and performance costs will vary according to how long the performance is, to the amount of work involved in co-designing or writing custom-made texts, and to the size of the company. Get in touch !

How does it work ?

Actors, trainers, writers, designers... Our team is composed of 40+ people, all professional actors. Some have been in corporate theatre for more than 20 years. They have a long experience-based training and are perfectly familiar with the inner workings of organisations and the specific issues they face.

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